Providence Island project

29th January 2019

Since October 2018 SPI Colombia has been assisting Innova Solar Colombia on an innovative floating Solar PV project under development on the Providence Island in Colombia. The project is the of it's kind on the islands of Colombia.

It has been made possible through a development grant from the Swedish Government and is being carried out together with KlimaforumLatinoamérica Network -KLN

We helped facilitate the development grant from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) through the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket).

We are currently assisting Innova Solar Colombia in the development and structuring of the project.

Glenn Jensen, the CEO of SPI Colombia, is also participating in the project through his active role as Advisor for the program of Climate and Energy at KlimaforumLatinoamérica Network -KLN, an NGO that specialises in Climate Change and Climate Action plans,

KLN is a key alliance partner in securing the transfer of knowledge to the community and drafting Municipality Climate Responsibility Policies and Climate Actions Plans in close collaboration with the Muncipality of Provedence and Saint Catalina Islands.

Fervan Rural School project

7th February 2019

SPI Colombia has entered into a framework agreement with Colegio Fervan, Uniagraria and Klimaforum Latinoamérica Network -KLN.

The fist project to be executed under the framework agreement will be to include renewable energy and climate change issues in the curricula at the Fervan Rural School - a primary and secondary school located in Facatativa, Colombia.

The project will involve an investment from SPI Colombia to install renewable energy and at the same time work with our alliance partners to create a link between education and the business sector, ensuring education to the pupils of the school and providing an opportunity for university students to gain hands on experience on a practical project linking it up with their theoretical basis. 

In collaboration with KLN, the project will also involve the development of Climate Responsibility Policies and specific Climate Actions plans for the school.

The alliance initiated from the first Climate Action Week in Colombia in 2018 spearheaded by KLN in collaboration with various state entities, universities, NGO's and international development agencies.

Official visit from Scandinavia on Smart Cities

19th February 2019

Several leading Scandinavian Companies visited Bogotá and Medellín from 12 through 15 February 2019. Including SPI Colombia presenting thoughts on renewable energy and distributed generation, and their contribution to Smart Cities.

The energy transition towards a zero emissions economy is already in progress in many parts of the world. In Colombia the reliance on centralised hydro power is both a high risk and a great opportunity if it is combined with distributed generation integrating renewable energy.

SPI Colombia, together with our alliance partner, specialise in distributed generation, off-grid hybrid systems, integration of renewable energy in the week part of the grid, thereby reducing technical losses and ensuring high quality energy supply.

Agreement on colaboration between Denmark and Colombia on renewable energy

8th February 2019

Denmark enters into an agreement with the Ministry of Environment in Colombia to provided collaboration and support in it's transition to renewable energy.