SPI Colombia S.A.S. offers different hybrid solutions to ensure a high utilization of the renewable energy sources, high savings in fossil fuels and a corresponding reduction in emissions of CO2 equivalent (CO2e).

Hybrid systems combine standard technologies (solar/wind with diesel and/or batteries). They are ideal for remote areas, off-grid locations or areas with a weak grid.

We can offer systems without the need for storage, or we can offer to integrate a battery bank, if so required. However, battery solutions are generally expensive, have a short lifetime and a negative environmental impact.

As a general rule, investments in our hybrid systems are recovered within 3-6 years, given the high savings in fuel and transportation costs.

VHE specialises in hybrid power plant design and offers unique technology solutions that guarantees 24/7 energy supplies combining several energy sources and ensuring a high renewable energy penetration (high penetration hybrid systems). The solutions results in high annual fuel savings, even without energy storage. VHE provides hands-on training for 7-14 days depending on the complexities of the systems.

VHE's know-how and solutions are independently tested. VHE's designs achieves significant fuel savings and reductions in CO2 of up to:

  • 30-50% for hybrid solar/diesel systems
  • 50-70% for hybrid wind/diesel systems



Energy security
High Renewable Energy Penetration
High reduction in emissions