Additional Services

SPI Colombia also has experience with development of wind farms and evaluating investments in biogas power plants. However, our focus in Colombia is the design, development, installation and commissioning of hybrid systems, either grid connected distributed generation systems using solar PV or high penetration hybrid systems either off-grid or in the weak part of the grid, ensuring 24/7 energy supply by integrating renewable energy.

For our solar PV and hybrid systems we offer the following additional services:

  • Continuous supervision of individual inverters and error alerts
  • High performance and quick response times if performance drops
  • Alerts to local partners to schedule timely maintenance visits

On-line supervision and maintenance services contracts for Hybrid Systems ensure:

  • On-line supervision continuously monitors performance (on-line supervision contract)
  • Alerts to local certificated partners within two to three weeks in advance to schedule a maintenance visit (maintenance contract)
  • Operating data assits in problem solving and saves time on site visits (on-line supervision and maintenance services contract).